Monday, November 24, 2014

The Well-Dressed Table

Happy Monday!  I am so elated to share this post with you as it is my first style article to be published in a local newspaper.  Here is how it appeared in print.

And here is a close-up version.

Hold on, Santa Claus.  We love you dearly, but there is another holiday to celebrate before your sleigh pulls into town.  With retailers promoting Christmas earlier and earlier, it’s easy to want to skip Thanksgiving decorations altogether. 
However, a day in which we set aside time to give thanks for our blessings deserves its own spotlight.  A beautifully decorated dining table will establish the tone of your meal and serve as the backdrop for the event.

When decorating your Thanksgiving table:

·        Mix heirloom pieces with your current tableware.  Mom’s china and grandma's flatware evoke memories of loved ones and provide an opportunity to share family stories from years past.

·        Pumpkins, gourds and mums can look a little tired by late November, so feel free to incorporate fresh, dried, and even silk elements into your centerpiece.

·        Use neutral runners, napkins, and white plates and platters to allow dinner to take center stage. 

·        Add a touch of turquoise to provide a stunning contrast to autumn’s rusts, golds and reds. Try candleholders or a vase in this rich shade.
·        Place markers add personalization and warmth to your table.

However you dress your turkey table, be sure to savor the day with your family and enjoy the final days of fall’s glory.
Have a wonderful week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!



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