Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sister Pie - a slice of heaven in Detroit's West Village

I have been enamored by the eclectic charm of Sister Pie bakery since I discovered it on Instagram a few months ago. I was lured in from the many artistic and witty posts made by owner Lisa Ludwinski who, by the way, is a brilliant social media marketer. Her ability to capture the every-day happenings at her big-city neighborhood bakery, including dancing and singing and a whole lot of pie making speaks to me and many others as it is apparent from her growing fan base.

Stacks of freshly baked cookies and scones await customers.

While visiting Detroit's Eastern Market to research (aka a quickie getaway for me and my husband) for an upcoming Plates and Places column, I knew we had to include Sister Pie as one of our stops. So glad we did.

Sister Pie bakery is part of Detroit's West Village neighborhood.

Located at the corner of Kercheval and Parker streets in Detroit’s West Village neighborhood, Sister Pie has been in business since Thanksgiving 2012 but only in its current location for eight months. You would never guess this. 

Lisa attributes her success to, “Lots and lots of work. You have to be willing to do it every day of your life.”

The day's coffee selections are listed near the help-yourself water station.

A bowl of Salty-Malty chocolate scones won't be full for long.

Sister Pie’s menu changes seasonally offering unique combinations of ingredients in their pies and baked goods such as Salted Maple Pie, Chocolate Peppermint Meringue Pie, Cheesy Kale Scones and Roasted Potato, Caramelized Onion and White Bean hand pies.

Lisa Ludwinski is the owner and creator of Sister Pie.

We chose a few items to take along and share over the next few days - a cheesy kale scone, a slice of salted maple pie, a potato and white bean hand pie, and a cranberry cream cheese muffin. 

All were delicious and memorable - making me wish I could run down the street to Sister Pie on weekend mornings.

The front case is stocked and labeled.

The bakery is truly unique and a place we hope to visit again. As for Lisa and her team, they have found a way into people's hearts with their fun-loving and hard-working attitudes, “Pie speaks to everyone. We took traditional mixtures and added our own personality."

L to R: Kamaria Gray and Tianna Bogan prepare pastry dough.

Have a great day, and visit Sister Pie! 

A cozy nook by the window at Sister Pie to enjoy coffee and a pastry or two!


  1. Great article. I enjoyed the pictures. I would have bought 2 of everything.

    1. Thanks,gigi. Everything we purchased was delicious!