Friday, November 4, 2016

Wonderment and mystique abound at The Raven

For Kateryna VanHeisch the dream of opening her own home décor store was realized when she established The Raven back in 2002. The fine consignments shop, located at 1225 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, NM, specializes in antiques, vintage, and new home furnishings and accessories.  

A pair of saints and crystal chandeliers hang peacefully over a bed at The Raven.

Just one step into The Raven gives you a feeling that you’ve stepped into another time or a far-away land, appropriately so as VanHeisch travels the world to hunt for one-of-a-kind and rare treasures to add to her shop’s collection. 

Rustic lanterns cast a serene glow around the shop.

As my husband and I meandered through the store, we both agreed that we felt a certain spiritual aura around us as if each piece was begging us to ask for its story.


The statue is a copy of Michelangelo's Moses in cast iron.

When VanHeisch opened her first store, she only had about 1,000 square feet to work with. “It was very crowded,” she laughed. 

Her current location is 11,000 square feet and is layered from floor to ceiling with upholstery, light fixtures, rugs, wall hangings, candles, furniture and garden accoutrements including urns and statues.

A French field cross sits among urns and garden decor. 

Two years ago, VanHeisch rebranded her shop from Recollections, its original identity when she acquired it, to The Raven. “I wanted a name that was more unique and more me,” she said. 

A 19th century plaster Virgin Mary watches over the French corner in the shop.

The new name also reflects her love of animals which is evident inside the shop where an assortment of birds flutter about in a mammoth vintage metal bird cage. 

Outside the shop, neighborhood pigeons feast on seeds that VanHeisch scatters around for them. “I refer to them as my flock,” she said. “I’m also a fan of Edgar Allan Poe and the name evokes a sense of mystery to me.”

Kateryna VanHeisch (seated) and her team at The Raven from left: Rachel Stephens,
 India Hearne and Caroline Adams.  

It truly is the mystery that sets this shop apart from any other I’ve ever seen. 

For more photos and a glimpse into the magical world of The Raven,visit

A decommissioned candelabra from a church.

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