Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fast Forward

In the newspaper and magazine world, working on articles and features ahead of the current calendar month just comes with the territory. Due to print and distribution deadlines, I'm currently working on pieces for October and November, and I'm already planning what I'm doing for December.

Pumpkins fill a rustic, handmade wooden box found at The Butter Barn.

Don't misunderstand me, it's always great to be ahead of the game, but sometimes it can get a little confusing in the real world. It is still August, right?

This gorgeous twig and wheat wreath anchoring the other end of my mantel was found at HomeGoods.

With that said, can anyone blame me for the pre Labor Day fall decorating mode that I fell into this past weekend?

A tad early for Jack, but he pulls his weight on the other side of the mantel.

Oftentimes, I feel that my internal clock is set to fast forward. 

For example, it's still 88 degrees and muggy as heck, but  I'm dreaming of pumpkins and cozy sweaters and fireplace evenings and soup.

Fall napkin rings in the works. 

Soup? Well, maybe not soup. But definitely chili.

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