Monday, January 25, 2016

Keeping it cozy between seasons

For most of us, the holiday decorations have been taken down and are packed away for the next 11 months. But without all of the warmth from the Christmas tree, garlands and wreaths and the sparkle from the holiday lights, the house can seem so cold. It’s too early to decorate for spring though, so how do you keep your home feeling cozy when it’s frigid out and springtime feels like a million years from now?

Keep it cozy with few decorating tweaks.

Don’t despair. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your home has to be on the inside. 

Here are some tricks to warm up your abode and bridge that gap between holiday and spring decorating.

Add ambiance with a new houseplant and a fresh candle.

Bring back some green. Add a few new houseplants – ivy, Cyclamen and Kalanchoe are good choices for winter months. 

If you don’t do well with live plants, try a couple of faux, moss-covered wreaths or boxwood topiaries.

Faux topiaries are a good substitute if you're not a "green thumb."

Light some candles. The soft glow of candlelight warms up any room. 

If you are leery about using real candles, the flameless, battery operated versions work wonderfully. They’re widely available, and many even come with timers and remotes.

Fresh flowers, candles and a change of pillows adds instant warmth.

Change your accent pillows, or just buy some pillow covers to swap out your holiday-themed pillows. Try a vibrant new color or pattern, and use warm fabrics like velvet and chenille.


A basket of comfy throws adds to the cozy factor.

Fill a large basket with a few throw blankets, and keep it near your couch. They’ll be handy for movie nights or just relaxing by the fire.

Earthy and textured pine cones are the perfect winter accent.

Embellish baskets and bowls. Pine cones are a beautiful winter accent to add to containers, baskets, and bowls as are decorative seed, greenery, and burlap balls.

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It may still be frozen out there, but a few simple tweaks in your home will lift your spirits and send old man winter packing. 

Have a great week! 

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