Monday, September 14, 2015

The Raven

Sometimes you just connect with something or someplace. You feel the attraction and it beckons you toward it…

To say we stumbled upon The Raven would be an understatement. Its deep crimson facade and mystical name drew us in as we passed by. 

Unaware of what was in store, except for the intriguing window display, we turned the Jeep around to explore.

What we found was an upscale consignment shop with unique new, vintage, and antique items. 

Upon entering The Raven, we were entranced by the artfully arranged vignettes and the overall vastness of the space.

Located in Santa Fe off Cerrillos Road and just minutes from the historic Plaza district, The Raven is filled with statues, urns, old books, French antiques, garden accessories, candles and chandeliers galore.

It’s the kind of place to lose yourself in – I most certainly did. 

*unmarked photos from The Raven Fine Consignments -

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