Monday, August 25, 2014

Down the Hatch

It all started with a bag of these...  I didn't believe it when I saw it.  "You are teasing me again," (emphasis on again) I said to my husband when he brought home a steaming, hot bag of New Mexico Hatch green chile peppers from our local grocery store.  He said, "Yeah, they are roasting them in front of the store."

Freshly roasted New Mexico Hatch green chiles

Stop it.  Here?  In Ohio?

Chiles on display

I had to see it for myself. 

What I found was a pretty display and half a dozen volunteers roasting chile peppers and enthusiastically sharing samples and ideas on how to use these bright green beauties with a very curious lunch crowd. 

The aroma of the roasting chiles is addicting.

The world-famous Hatch chile is only grown in Hatch, a small town in southern New Mexico, which lies along the Rio Grande.  The soil and its proximity to water make the perfect combo for growing chiles.  And right now is harvest time, an annual event that is celebrated all over New Mexico.  

The chiles are somewhat easy to find in canned versions in grocery stores; however, the packaging must include that they are from New Mexico to be authentic. 

Fresh chile peppers are quite spicy, but once roasted some of their heat goes away and you are left with a more mild but seriously bold flavor.

Roasted chile peppers

Now what do I do with all these chile peppers I purchased?
Lucky for me, I found a recipe app for Hatch green chiles. 
Yes.... there's an app for that.

The chiles start out a beautiful bright green color.
In honor of the chile harvest, I'm going to put some of these recipes to good use. 
Check my upcoming posts for some amazing ways to use these wonderful bold and flavorful peppers - hint, hint... Chile con Queso, Green Chile Cheeseburgers and more. 
Plus, my version of the famous Silver Coin Margarita to wash it all down the hatch!

Hot and steamy chile peppers

And that is a little slice of Cowgirl right from my own neighborhood.

Have a great week!


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