Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter's on its Way

Okay…….. it’s here!  It’s officially here!  I am declaring today the official start of spring in the Midwest. 

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, baseball opening day is Thursday, and we have had two days in a row of temperatures over 50°. 

Perhaps the most important indicator that spring is finally here is that I’m not wearing any shhhhh…………..socks! 

You know what that means, girls.  We’re just one small step away from open toes.  What a celebratory day this is!

I call this elation - spring fever. 

You may have caught it too and are daydreaming about relaxing on your patio, planting some annuals, catching some rays and riding your bicycle around the neighborhood. 

Although it may be a bit early to partake in these activities, we can rejoice in knowing that Easter and the sense of renewal it brings is on its way.

I wanted a little Easter cheer for my island, so I looked to the garden for inspiration. 

The brightly colored spring plants and the moss runner that I found led me to create a bolder display rather than using the traditional pastel colors for Easter. 

Here’s to inspiration, renewal and a Happy Spring………….officially!

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