Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Queen for a Day - The Someday Cowgirl in Paris, Part Trois

Imagine being the Queen…..

The Queen of England, the Queen of the Nile, the Queen of Sheba, or the Queen of Everything.

Chateau de Versailles
A day trip to the Palace of Versailles gave me some insight on what it would be like to be Queen. 
Or at least what it was like to be Marie Antoinette who lived at Versailles in over-the-top opulence with her husband Louis XVI in the 1700s.

Sitting room of Marie Antoinette
For if you were Marie Antoinette, you’d have a whole slew of people who would do anything for you…… every day. 
Pick out your clothes, do your hair, make you breakfast in bed, take out the trash, grocery shop, clean your bathrooms (okay, they really didn't have bathrooms)……
They’d probably even exercise for you.

Gilded Fireplace

You’d never need anything…… jewels, designer clothes, silks and tapestries, fine chocolates, exquisite statues and light fixtures like the ones below..... all yours.
Statues and crystal light fixture

Unfortunately, things didn't work out well for Marie Antoinette in the end. 


View of the garden at Versailles

Perhaps she would have enjoyed being a regular gal..... just like the rest of us.

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