Monday, December 30, 2013

Pizza Reigns at the Palace

Can you believe it?  Another holiday season has flown by.  Family members have all gone home, and I must admit, our house does seem a bit lonely.  But after hosting two family parties and making two turkey dinners, a Christmas brunch, and several potluck items, I am feeling the need to relax and take a break from our kitchen.


I am feeling the need for pizza.  Don’t tell me you didn’t have the same urge the day after Christmas…..

After a day of running errands, my husband and I decided to carry out our favorite local pizza from J & G Pizza Palace, located in the heart of downtown Sylvania, Ohio. 

The Palace, also known for its Greek food and gyros, has been in operation for decades with décor that has remained unchanged since its opening - I’m guessing in the 70’s. 


Calling it a Palace is a complete oxymoron as the restaurant is tiny and usually packed with regulars waiting in its crowded vestibule.   Sometimes we get lucky and score the one and only bench by the front window – a great place to hold hands and share a glass of Greek wine. 

Sitting in this cozy nook gives us the feeling that we are in a big city – something about the lights reflecting in the windows.

Now, let’s get to the pizza.  Having lived and visited cities out East where pizza became pizza, I have to say that J & G has truly something special in its recipe.  The crust is thin and crunchy, the sauce is tangy and not too sweet, and the cheese is added in slices.   And I love the unique way they cut the pie into little squares.

Have I mentioned the Greek salad yet?  A must have pairing with your pizza.  It’s drizzled with an olive oil and vinegar dressing with lots of oregano and spices.  And it is topped with huge chunks of feta cheese.  HUGE!

It is time that I say goodbye for our carry out pizza awaits. 



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