Monday, June 30, 2014

Trash or Treasure?

My husband and I had planned to go to a local art fair – but that plan was foiled when the heat and humidity made it unbearable to be out in the sun.  Instead we drove around downtown - air cranked, music loud - and ended up in an architectural salvage shop. 

A really old architectural shop that was filled from floor to ceiling with an eclectic mix of candelabras, urns, statues, hardware, and all sorts of architectural goodies...

... a  visual feast to thwart my cravings for all things rusty and crusty.


I’ve been told on occasion that some of the things in my home look like they have been “just dug up from the earth.”  Lol!  I love this!

But really, who could resist rummaging through a giant pile of architectural material that has patina, chipped paint and a thick layer of dirt?  

Relax - this is why handy wipes were invented.

I know - it's sad but probably true that some may see just a bunch of junk or trash in these items.

But... others see beauty and are inspired by these treasures and the potential to make them into useful items once again. 

Take for instance these Corinthian capitals - for a mere $12 grand, I could purchase one, flip it over, add a glass top, and make it my dining table – gorgeous!


Just look at the beautiful muted colors on these spindles.


Old mailboxes grouped together make for an interesting display.


Piles of vintage corner molding blocks.


So... if any of the stuff in my home looks like it’s been recently excavated during an architectural dig, I’m okay with it.  You can chisel that in stone.

Have a great week!


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