Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring it On

Now, I know that it’s not technically spring yet…...... And yes, Easter is still more than a month away…'s just that I can’t help it.  For it has been such a long winter.  And I’m really ready.  I’m really ready for the big thaw.  I’m really ready to spring forward.    

My spring door basket
And I know you are too because I saw you day dreaming today…….

About tulips...

And chirping birds…

And Easter eggs…  

A still snowy woods

And even though our local parks still look like the above……there is still something inside all of us that is happily anticipating the feeling of renewal that comes when the world is woken up from its deepest winter sleep….zzzzzzz.

Flower market display at our local Pottery Barn
Technically (snow or not) spring will be here this Friday, and I can’t wait to write upcoming posts about gardening and grilling and farmer’s markets and fresh veggies.

Easter dining table at Pottery Barn
I hope that I’ve provided you with a little inspiration to help you shake off those winter blues and allow nature to infuse your homes with happiness and cheer.   
Happy Spring!


Welcome spring door basket


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