Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gone Country

Growing up, I always considered myself a city gal.  As a college student, I dreamed of living in a loft in a big city with tremendous views; the coffee shop around the corner; fabulous shopping, restaurants and music; and happening nightlife all around me.   

Country fair décor
After graduation, I moved from the south to the Midwest to join my family.  It was here in the Midwest where I met a country boy.

Big tractor wheels
My country boy introduced me to a whole lot of things I was not really accustomed to - fluffy chickens, homemade applesauce, acorn squash, John Deere anything, and country fairs.  That was 20 years ago. 

Note: this is not my country boy.  He's our friendly shuttle driver taking us to the fair.  Love the shirt!
In the beginning of our relationship, I’d go to country fairs and tractor shows just because I knew he loved them.  I didn’t really get the whole thing, but I went because I loved him. 

Rows of colorful tractors
Somewhere throughout the years, I must have figured it all out because now I actually look forward to our days in the country. 
Days that include antique tractors; 
Antique Farmall tractor
lunch inside a big, red barn;
Inside the big, red barn - a plethora of single serving pies
the ketchup making display;
Homemade ketchup in a hot cauldron
endless rows of flea market stalls and crafts; 
Boots display at the country flea market
and the most amazing Bluegrass music livening up the atmosphere.    

Nashville Crush under the big tent.  Stay tuned for more great music to come from these guys.
I don’t think the city gal has completely left the building though.  She’s still in there.  She’s just enjoying her gig in the country with her country boy in the good old Midwest. 
Country wagon full of flowers

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