Monday, September 2, 2013

A Time of Transition

Where has our summer gone?   With Labor Day rolling by and the cooler temperatures at night, my plants aren’t looking so hot.  I’ve been babying them, but there comes a time we just have to say goodbye. 
It’s too early to break out the pumpkins and mums, but I needed a little pick me up for my patio. 
Black-eyed Susans are a perfect transition to fall.
I found this beauty at a local tractor show.   I love the two types of Black-eyed Susans, and there’s a pretty fuchsia mum in there too just beginning to open.   
It’s the perfect transition piece for my patio, and I can see it through the kitchen sliding door.  Check out the cute metal egg basket I scored at the show as well.
Hope you are enjoying your late summer days and nights.  Have a great week!