Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Dollhouse

You see, I have this dollhouse, a very old dollhouse.  My dollhouse hasn’t had a real purpose in a long time as it just sits all alone in our basement…collecting dust.   I think my cat has even slept in it. 
My dollhouse.  It never had a door.
It was actually a very old and dusty dollhouse when my Dad found it in an attic years ago.  I guess he thought it was kind of neat because he brought it home to see if my Mom could do anything with it.

After all, my Mom is very creative.
A bedroom with curtains made from a ruffle from real size curtains.

For a while, which seemed like forever, I wasn’t allowed to go downstairs because Mom was working on a PROJECT, a project down in our basement. This was nothing out of the ordinary because she always did projects down there – candle making, wreaths and so on. 

But… one night I forgot.  I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to go downstairs…  I was merely looking for my Mom to ask her a question.
The living room and stairs.  The wallpaper is a remnant from our Michigan house foyer. 
And then I saw it, the PROJECT.  The PROJECT that I guessed I wasn’t supposed to see.  I didn’t really know what I saw, but I know that whatever this PROJECT was it had a red roof. 

I quickly shut the door and never said a word. 
What was once a really cute bathroom and kitchen.
And then I waited,

And waited,

And waited……. all the way until Christmas morning. 

Then I finally knew.  The PROJECT was for me! 

And boy, was it a beauty with lovely décor and furniture and a family.  
Side windows in need of shutters and window boxes.
Alas, here it stands dilapidated, dusty and in need of someone to love it again. 

Who knows?   Maybe someday, a new family will move into it and make it lovely once again. 
The house colors mimicked our Michigan house. 

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